Pixyle.ai - Enrich your product data with automatic image recognition.

Enhance your product information with valuable attributes, classifying styles and inspiring wear occasions with forbeyond and Pixyle.ai.

Image Recognition, Visual Search and Image Tagging for Fashion Commerce.

Today, too little attention is often paid to the keywording of images. Wrongly so! The quality of the metadata of the images, but on a much larger scale the product information, plays a decisive role in accelerating the buying process and in generating additional buying impulses. The background to this is usually a lack of resources, time-consuming manual processes for image recognition, and a lack of product classification. These factors are compounded by requirements such as a short time-to-market and a high number of products and collection changes.

Automated content solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) can generate valuable product data quickly, efficiently and comprehensively through image recognition. This not only helps in enriching product information.  During keywording, also called image tagging, attributes and features such as color, material, closures and cut are recognized in the image. From the sum of the features, contextual information such as wearing occasion or style direction is also generated accurately.

In our search for a solution that meets the requirements of our fashion customers, we found what we were looking for at Pixyle.ai.

Pixyle.ai is a pioneer in AI based image recognition.

Pixyle.ai is one of the leading solutions for AI-based image recognition, automatic keywording and visual search. With Pixyle.ai, a seamless product experience is achieved, as fashion products and their attributes are recognized, from which styles and wear occasions are also accurately derived. This enables retailers and platforms to significantly enhance the customer experience by making the search for desired products intuitive and easy.

AI-based features add value to your media.

Automatic keywording

Reduce costs and manual tasks with automatic tagging. Pixyle.ai's image tagging recognizes dozens of attributes and features in your fashion photos in seconds. The SEO ranking of your products increases significantly by enriching your images with meta tags relevant to the target audience. Filters and search of your online store can be made even more customer-friendly by image recognition.

Visual search

With Pixyle.ai's visual search, your customers will be able to find a suitable product from your range by simply uploading an image. The elimination of manual filters and scrolling of overview pages significantly simplifies and accelerates the customer journey. The results are better conversion and enhanced customer experience.

Recommendation of similar products

By offering visually similar products as alternatives to the searched product, you increase conversion and raise the average receipt. Based on images of celebrities or fashion shows, you recreate hip looks with your own products without having to do lengthy research. Sold-out items no longer lead to abandonment, because you immediately offer an alternative style for the same wear occasion. The use cases for recommending visually similar products are manifold.

Discover the added value of AI based image recognition with Pixyle.ai and forbeyond.

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With prorizon and Pixyle.ai, tagging media becomes easy and affordable.

prorizon was developed by forbeyond for supplier data onboarding, data automation, data mapping and content enrichment. Media can also be processed. In combination with Pixyle, you have the possibility to initially keyword your fashion products at the push of a button when using prorizon. In exactly the same way, however, you can also add to your existing attributes. The automatically suggested styles and wearing occasions complement context-related product information.

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