Consulting - Analysis & conception

Analysis & conception

form the foundation of successful projects for PIM, MDM, MAM and MRM. A comprehensive knowledge of the processes, data models, organization and requirements of the company are necessary for an accurate system selection and implementation.

This is the only way to turn PIM, MDM, MAM and MRM into beloved ecosystems and not orphaned expert tools.

Depending on the industry and sector, a wide variety of requirements become relevant. B2B and B2C in particular differ significantly in this respect. Through our broad-based consulting team, we always provide you with an optimal project team.


First, the strategic goals and omnichannel requirements of your company are analyzed and evaluated together.

If we have already been able to get to know you and your company through one of our boot camps (omnichannel, PIM/MDM, IT building), we are already a small step further. Before starting the actual analysis, we have already developed a collaborative target picture, which is now being further detailed.

The status and future viability of your product data management will be analyzed and evaluated. In the process, the actual processes (both functional and technical) and pain points are recorded and documented with the relevant departments, and initial requirements for the subsequent system selection are derived.

Together, we identify, describe, and document the roles and responsibilities for product and master data, output channels, and omnichannel processes.

An essential component is also the evaluation and recording of your current data model. The identification of product and master data silos, as well as the relevant media assets, rounds off the overall picture.

Our consultants examine all relevant areas of your company and identify known and new requirements. In doing so, you benefit from our extensive experience from a large number of PIM, MDM and MRM projects.


The basis created in the analysis enables a well-founded target concept and the formulation of detailed requirements for the future PIM, MDM, MAM or MRM ecosystem. We work with user stories, which already form the starting point for the later, usually agile software implementation.

During the conception phase, the functional and non-functional requirements as well as the target processes are worked out with the business departments. They form the basis for future product, master data or publication management.

Taking existing IT systems into account, the data model is defined and extended for the required output channels in their omnichannel setup.

A new system solution must be able to be integrated seamlessly into the company. For this purpose, our system architects develop the optimal IT setup that ensures conflict-free integration of PIM, MDM, MAM or MRM.

The conception is system-neutral. Of course, it can also be used for the extension of already existing systems or planned in-house developments. Our complete neutrality from system providers delivers an important, positive effect.

Together we develop a roadmap and define a realistic target for your software initiative.

At the end of the conception phase, you can also precisely plan budgets and capacities. You will receive a well-founded recommendation on possible PIM, MDM, MAM or MRM systems. The selection process can be carried out efficiently using the available documents and requirements.

The main components at a glance:

  • Omnichannel strategy and business model
  • Data model and product data vision
  • Processes and organization
  • Functional requirements for onboarding, data enrichment, data publishing, data governance and platform management
  • Integration and IT architecture

Change management, the key to acceptance in the conception phase

For a project to be successful, all the teams involved - from purchasing, sales, product management, logistics and IT, for example - must pursue a single goal.

The alignment of processes, roles and responsibilities already starts in the conception phase. This simplifies subsequent implementation, enables quick wins at short notice, and arouses enthusiasm in the business departments. Another step towards successful project completion.

PIM Assessment

Increasingly, our customers already have Product Information Management (PIM) or Multi Domain Management (MDM) in place.

During the assessment, we evaluate the current status and future viability of your existing ecosystem, the current IT architecture, the maturity of the organization, processes, application and their integration into the current enterprise architecture.

Of course, organizational aspects such as roles and responsibilities are also highlighted.

Our neutrality enables a realistic analysis and evaluation of the status quo.

After the assessment, you have a detailed overview of possible optimization potential. Together, we develop the decision-making basis for new approaches and a roadmap (architectural runway) to expand your data-based capabilities in a targeted manner.

The focus is explicitly not on replacing system components. Often, a change in the data model, the processes, the responsibilities or an improved integration can leverage great efficiency potentials.