Consulting - Implementation

We orchestrate companies, system providers and developers during system implementation

Once the appropriate software components have been selected, the target business processes and the target architecture have been described, and the system implementer has been found, the implementation project can begin.

We ensure a target-oriented, successful and sustainable implementation. In doing so, your resources in the business departments and IT will not be involved any more than necessary. Successful omnichannel implementation projects are characterized by the fact that they are carried out incrementally and are solution-oriented. The focus is always on the added value of the solution. All project participants (e.g., departments, internal IT, system providers, implementers, and management) are involved, so that the project changes to the responsibility of the later target organization at this point at the latest.

With your project to success

We take responsibility and lead your project to success. Using agile methods, we manage the project, mediate between the parties involved and communicate in a targeted and comprehensive manner. Focal points are:

  • Agile project management
  • Requirements management
  • Moderation/control of the implementation process
  • Quality Management
  • Integration / Migration

The creation of concepts for the introduction of the solution and the change management for the sustainable effect of the solution is of course also carried out by us.