Consulting - System selection

MDM, PIM, MAM or MRM - forbeyond finds the optimal system for your requirements. 100% neutral!

At forbeyond, the selection of the optimal system for your company, whether PIM, MAM, MDM or MRM, is always based on your individual, unique requirements. Even if two companies pursue the same business model, differences in strategy or IT structure can lead to sometimes significant differences in system selection.

Software selection usually takes place after you have gone through the strategy, analysis and conception modules with us. Of course, we also support you if you want to use our market knowledge and neutral consulting only for the actual selection process.

Forbeyond carries out, manufacturer neutral, selection processes for:

  • MDM – Multi Domain Master Data Management
  • PIM – Product Information Management
  • MAM – Media Asset Management
  • MRM – Marketing Ressource Management


are always defined and documented (BPMN) business processes that the new tool is to map. In the processes, where roles and responsibilities must always be precisely formulated in addition to the content, the subsequent target image should be shown.

Furthermore, functional and non-functional requirements are needed for the briefing of the system providers, which your teams have derived with us via user stories and use cases.

All relevant information such as the scope and complexity of the products and data, client capability, IT infrastructure, etc. round off the extensive preparations for the vendor briefing.

The actual system selection takes place in four steps:

  • Creation of a short list of 2-4 vendors based on our market and product knowledge
  • Audit-proof RFP process with your individual requirements, processes, test data, etc.
  • Demonstration of the system providers in half-day workshops using preconfigured software
  • You make the decision for a provider with our advice

We are also happy to support you in negotiating with the system provider of your choice and fluently prepare the next step, the system implementation.