Data maintenance is not witchcraft, but it is a devilish amount of work.

With our managed content services, you can focus on the essentials again.

Our managed content services make your life easier.

At forbeyond you will encounter very personal, binding contact and efficient service everywhere. In the area of content management, the refinement of product data, we offer you managed services.

This means that on the one hand we organize and moderate the entire process for you, from migration to distribution of product data. On the other hand, you benefit from the fact that we map the content service processes with our highly specialized IT platform prorizon. And all this without you having to invest a cent in development or training, for example.

  • Individual service modular or "all-round carefree" - without entrepreneurial risk
  • Maintain master data, maintain product data, write product texts, tag images, research and add attributes.
  • We tailor our services to your requirements.
  • Focus on technical expertise coupled with automation through our highly specialized IT platform for data maintenance
  • Shortest ramp up time and high scalability of all services


The migration of product data is an essential component of many projects

In digital commerce, highly qualified product data has become a decisive competitive factor. The exact onboarding of supplier data is extremely relevant, especially for retailers and marketplaces. But the migration of product data is also essential when introducing or switching from a PIM system, for example. The basis is always a structured classification and a flexible data model of your products.

We support you with our many years of practical experience:

  • Development of product classifications
  • Design of data models
  • Mapping of attributes and characteristics from the actual to the target structure
  • Data cleansing for PIM, MAM, ERP


Strong communication: Inbound service for connecting suppliers, data pools and other sources

Many customers face major challenges in collecting product data from external sources. For example, retailers and marketplaces receive their product data from heterogeneous sources such as suppliers and associations. The data models usually differ greatly from one another and need to be standardized. Our content onboarding team transfers the incoming data into the individual target format or our own neutral data model, which is perfectly aligned for a later distribution of the data. This allows the product data to be seamlessly processed further.

Our strength is our direct communication on behalf of our customers, even with a large number of suppliers. Qualitative requirements, delivery dates and delivery formats are individually agreed and tracked. Incorrect and incomplete product data are reported back and corrected directly on request. Personal dialog is particularly helpful during ramp-up, the initial set-up of processes.

  • Data procurement from external industry partners, manufacturers and suppliers (incl. direct supplier approach, communication and controlling)
  • Consolidation of various historically grown "data silos" within the company
  • Aggregation of product data from various sources such as different PIM systems and alternative formats (e.g. Excel)


Maintained: rich product data let your success grow

Only with rich and inspiring product data will your digital marketing and sales processes be successful. In particular, the large marketplaces such as Otto, Amazon and Zalando have very specific requirements for the product data to be supplied. But retailers and associations also often require additional attributes, characteristics or media that are not always available from the manufacturer. This gap must be closed efficiently, missing product information must be procured. Our content specialists support you in the procurement and maintenance of your product data. In doing so, we always keep an eye on possible automation.

Content enrichment comprises the "refinement processes" of a product data set. We create and maintain product content such as features, texts, translations, references, images and other assets. We take over, transform or extract content from the source data and create new content. Exactly according to the requirements of your channels and buyers. The goal is to be able to import the work results directly into your systems. Our personal service and our large network always make it possible to find very individual solutions.

  • Creation of editorial texts and bullet points
  • Maintenance of characteristics and attributes, normalization of values and units
  • Procurement of media and publications such as test reports and test certificates
  • Localization of product data


Automated: our outbound service delivers product data to systems, platforms, associations and retailers

At the end of the process, data distribution takes place. Similar to the onboarding of data, the requirements of external and internal recipients are very different. Manufacturers want or need to provide their customers with high-quality product data. Large retailers, associations and marketplaces (e.g., Zalando, OTTO, Amazon) have their own guidelines and data models. The manufacturer must therefore provide the product data for each customer in the desired target structure and scope.

In order to map these requirements automatically, we have developed our content hub prorizon. Our hub connects manufacturers, retailers, associations and marketplaces with each other.

  • Mapping of the data to the required target formats such as data feeds or exchange files (Excel, CSV)
  • Delivery of data to external partners such as marketplaces, retailers and associations (incl. direct communication, troubleshooting and controlling)