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Increase efficiency, speed and quality of your e-commerce shoots with forbeyond and Creative Force.

With Creative Force, you significantly reduce time-to-market without sacrificing quality. On the contrary.

Media production is a standard process in data management. Photos and videos must be produced in high quality and quantity. This must be done in the shortest possible time, in a transparent workflow and at manageable costs. Especially in the fashion industry with the increasing frequency of collections, photo production is a growing challenge.

PIM and MAM systems usually come with workflows that can be used to commission and brief photo studios. External studios and media producers upload their media assets to the system at the end of production. However, the requirements of complex photo productions, such as those typically encountered in e-commerce, can usually only be met with complex special programming.

In order to better support retailers and manufacturers in content creation for e-commerce, forbeyond has entered into a partnership as the first European Solution Partner with Creative Force. The focus is on the implementation of the software.

Creative Force is a leading provider of studio management software.

Creative Force is a studio management software that maps, simplifies and automates photo and video productions for e-commerce. The end-to-end scope ranges from sample logistics management to digital approval processes and automatic web upload. Within a short period of time, Creative Force has established itself as one of the leading providers in content process automation and is achieving very dynamic growth, especially in Europe, North America and APAC.

The process chain of media productions can be efficiently mapped and automated.

Sample logistics management

With Creative Force's sample logistics, you use barcodes to track the entire workflow and ensure that outfits and bundles are put together in line with brands and briefings.

Digital style guides

Easily update style guides to provide production teams with all information on image counts, formats, image rolls, imagery and styling directly to the studio floor.

Production planning, process control and reporting

Reliably plan and control your photo and video productions based on the availability of photo samples and photo teams. Missed deadlines and idle time in production are a thing of the past. The status of production is displayed in real time. In addition, it can be presented to participating teams and clients via configurable dashboards. Individual reports give you indications of the profitability of productions and serve to make fees and budgets transparent.

Photographic flow

Creative Force ensures that photo teams can focus on their creative work. The desktop application provides the appropriate style guide, matches shots to the shot list, automatically names files, uploads them for further processing, and more. Seamless integration with industry-standard software such as CaptureOne, Adobe Photoshop, and Slack ensures high performance.

Postproduction, approval process

With Creative Force's studio management solution, you integrate your postproduction partner into a closed digital workflow. After approval, images are automatically transferred to the partner, processed there or in-house, and automatically collected again. Digital correction tools store retouching instructions and approvals on the media asset. Intuitive Kanban boards help you keep track of everything.

Media asset management

Store your assets indefinitely until final approval and final retouching. Organize and filter your assets by date, production step, model, client, style guide, and more. Contact sheets are instantly available. File naming and metadata enrichment is automatic according to your naming convention.

Connectors to DAM, MAM, PIM, and cloud services

Creative Force works seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure. All features are also accessible via API endpoints. With the integrated cloud connectors, your assets can be distributed automatically.

See the benefits of Creative Force's studio management solution now.

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prorizon brings structure to your product data.

prorizon is the platform developed by forbeyond for supplier data onboarding, data mapping, content enrichment and data automation. Harmonize data received from heterogeneous sources. The relevant attributes are already stored in prorizon's maintenance classification, which you can also use to populate Creative Force. In this way, you can easily and quickly monitor data quality and bring supplier data to a uniform level. This is particularly relevant for retailers without an existing supplier portal.