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PIM/MDM Bootcamp

The start to your optimal product and master data management

The PIM/MDM Bootcamp is the ideal start for your project and the possible implementation of a PIM (Product Information Management) or MDM (Multi Domain Management) system.

We bring management, executives and key people to the table. Representatives from the relevant areas, e.g.: from sales, product management, purchasing, marketing and IT, work with us in a two-day, intensive workshop to develop, among other things, your PIM roadmap, valuable user stories, initial budget planning, and the pillars of your product data strategy.

The Bootcamp is the initial building block of our independent PIM and MDM consulting. We have designed it in a comprehensible way and adapt the content and focus individually to the requirements of your company and the participants.

In this way, we achieve the highest possible benefit for you - sustainably.

Your added value

After the PIM/MDM Bootcamp, your teams will have a fundamental and, above all, uniform understanding of product data, PIM systems or MDM systems and your future project.

The impact of a PIM/MDM ecosystem on your company and the resulting complexity will also become transparent for your company management.

A team of two consultants takes over the complete moderation. In doing so, we transfer comprehensive information, best practice experiences and answer all your questions.

The external perspective and an independent view from the outside allow a critical examination of your current situation.

At the end of the workshops, you will receive a comprehensive presentation of the results and, if applicable, subsequently developed processes in BPMN format.

Contents of the PIM / MDM Bootcamp at a glance

Theme blocks:

  • What is MDM, PIM, MAM? What is not?
  • strategic relevance of PIM and MDM in retail and industry, benefit aspects, and embedding in IT infrastructure
  • use cases and best practices of typical implementations
  • exemplary recording of actual processes "article creation to touchpoint", as well as development of a possible target scenario
  • collection and evaluation of the key requirements of the output channels and touchpoints
  • development of first user stories for later requirements definition
  • product data vision, content vision, content and media production
  • data and quality management, data governance including organizational embedding

Work Results:

  • presentation of results
  • identification of quick wins
  • location in the PIM and MDM cluster, relvant system classes
  • rough project and budget planning
  • initial roadmap for your PIM or MDM project
  • definition next steps


We also offer our classic "PIM/MDM Bootcamp" remotely - purely online via our conference platform.

While we usually conduct the PIM/MDM Bootcamp in an intensive workshop within two days, we have now developed a modular form that can be conducted in four online modules over the course of a week.

This leaves time for day-to-day business and this format is also suitable for home offices!

Take advantage of the time, get a head start for your PIM or MDM project now.