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Omnichannel Bootcamp

The impetus and starting point for your digital strategy

Customer requirements in terms of digital sales channels, communication and service offerings are constantly growing in the course of digitization. Work with us to examine your own business model. Identify and seize potential through the targeted expansion of your capabilities and serve all relevant channels with optimal data.

The Omnichannel Bootcamp is the first step on this path!

In intensive workshops, we conduct a fundamental analysis of your activities from a strategic, functional and technical perspective. You receive a neutral view from the outside and develop a common goal picture, which leads to your personal omnichannel roadmap.

Together we set the right impulses and outline the plan for a promising digital future.

Your added value

You receive a comprehensive analysis of the company's situation, with all areas involved broadening their perspective. After the bootcamp, your team will have a common understanding of the complexity of omnichannel in the context of your company.

Together with you and your team, we develop a holistic omnichannel target picture, also taking into account PIM (Product Information Management) and MDM (Multi Domain Management).

A key focus is on an optimized customer journey and the interaction of touchpoints and sales channels.

Our team of two consultants takes over the complete moderation, while our experienced consultants transfer comprehensive information, best practice experiences and answer all your questions.

The external perspective and a neutral view from the outside allow a critical examination of your current situation.

Contents of the Omnichannel Bootcamp at a glance

An omnichannel strategy focuses on the customer-centric connection of all relevant channels.


Theme blocks:

  • definition of the relevant markets and channels, related to the products & services as well as the customer segments
  • pain point and SWOT analysis according to tochpoints and customer segments
  • analysis of relevant ACTUAL processes, organizational structures and IT architecture
  • establishment of exemplary target processes and IT architecture, as well as organizational approaches
  • development of individual recommendations for action to optimize the omnichannel strategy
  • development of a roadmap and evaluation of required budgets and resources

Work results:

  • presentation of results incl. SWOT analysis
  • identification of quick wins
  • roadmap / project and budget planning

Omnichannel Bootcamp - REMOTE

We also offer our "Omnichannel Bootcamp" remotely - purely online via our conference platform.We have adapted the content and process and divided it into five online modules. In this way, we achieve all the defined results over the course of a week. This leaves time for day-to-day business and this format is also suitable for home office use!