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Bootcamp IT development

Optimal IT support for your omnichannel strategy

The number of digital channels for marketing and sales and customer touchpoints are constantly increasing. The sources of product information are also becoming more diverse - in addition to internal systems such as ERP, PLM, and merchandise systems, external sources such as supplier systems, product evaluations, and IoT are being added.

Outline a future-proof omnichannel IT architecture with us - taking into account your existing system landscape and best practices.

Our bootcamp creates a framework for your future IT development and a common understanding between IT and business, which system support is necessary. We uncover gaps in the IT architecture, point out necessary interfaces and review the data model with necessary data flows.

Your added value

A coordinated target structure is outlined and the path from the existing IT structure to the target structure is shown and divided into milestones.

All those involved in establishing/expanding digital sales are involved and have understood the necessary transformation steps. This generates understanding for the necessary activities of IT.

Our team of two consultants takes over the complete moderation, while our experienced consultants transfer comprehensive information, best practice experiences and answer all your questions.

The external perspective and an independent view from the outside allow a critical examination of your current situation.

The bootcamp is concluded with a comprehensive presentation of the results.

Contents of the IT Construction Bootcamp at a glance

Theme blocks: 

  • analysis / sketch of the as-is structure according to best practices structures oriented to the target processes / channels / omnichannel strategy
  • review and analysis of the data model; recommendations for future data management (masters/redundancies and interfaces)
  • derivation of a target development with the existing IT systems and identification of development gaps
  • rough estimate of necessary investment and time frame.
  • proposal of a possible roadmap for the necessary transformations

Work Results:

  • presentation of results
  • target IT development plan
  • IT systems recommendations
  • data management recommendations
  • rough time and investment frame
  • possible milestone schedule

IT development Bootcamp - REMOTE

We also offer our "Omnichannel Construction Bootcamp" remotely - purely online via our conference platform.

We have adapted the content and process and divided it into five online modules. In this way, we achieve all the defined results over the course of a week. This leaves time for day-to-day business and this format is also suitable for home office use!