Retresco - Make the most of your product data: Convincing texts.

Open up the advantages of automatically created product texts with an incredible variety of variants with forbeyond and Retresco.

With Natural Language Generation (NLG) you can make your text processes future-proof.

Automated copywriting is the logical extension of your PIM or PXM strategy.

Automatically created texts are rich in variants and always unique. The prerequisite for creating product texts with artificial intelligence (AI) is a sufficient number of characteristic attributes per assortment group. The attributes must be consistently maintained and are usually provided as an export from ERP, CMS or PIM systems.

Our solution consultants now work with you to create individual, rule-based text models for your brand and products. The text team at forbeyond, all of whom are experienced copywriters, then writes text templates. These are based on your corporate wording, current SEO requirements and assortment-specific briefings.

Once text containers and text models have been created, you have created a valuable basis for your automated content management. Specifications such as energy efficiency classes or food additives can be implemented in a legally compliant manner.

Your texts can thus also always be derived SEO-optimized. The content of the product texts can be automated and thus easily adapted without losing attractiveness. In this way, even short-lived online offers are always enhanced with high-quality texts without significantly increasing your advertising costs.

The highlight: Once the process is up and running, any number of individual texts can be generated within minutes and made available for your own touchpoints, retailers, associations, marketplaces, etc.. And all this at very low cost, because subsequently you only pay for the API call, i.e. always on the basis of the text jobs you initiate. Simple and transparent.

We were convinced by Retresco, let's talk about your copywriting strategy.

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prorizon provides easy access to Retresco.

The internal core classification of prorizon, forbeyond's platform for supplier data onboarding, data mapping, data automation and content enrichment, is already perfectly designed for use with Retresco. This makes it even easier to create automated texts. We have already stored text catridges for selected assortment groups in our focus industries. This means that AI-based texts can be created virtually "on the fly" once your data has passed through prorizon's inbound process.