Consulting - Strategy

Omnichannel and product data strategy

Why is the relevance of product data constantly increasing? What should they achieve? What value should they create?

Customer expectations of the product portfolio and the shopping experience in different channels are increasing. At the same time, products are becoming more complex through clever product design and configuration options. A rich, inspiring presentation of products has long since become a competitive advantage.

The situation is similar in industry. Due to the digitization of planning and award procedures, for example in the construction industry, all products must be digitized in detail in order to survive on the market at all. Regulated industries such as food and pharmaceuticals have even more special requirements. In order to take this development into account, the strategic framework conditions must be recognized and expanded. Our strategic orientation is always based on the individual, current customer situation and the goals and strategies already in place.

Bootcamp Omnichannel

The Omnichannel Bootcamp provides insights from current developments in the digitization of sales processes. We support decision-makers in defining the roadmap for developing the necessary competencies and capacities.

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Bootcamp PIM/MDM

If the omnichannel orientation is already clear, the question arises as to how the necessary product data should be created. In the PIM/MDM Bootcamp, we work with you to develop the roadmap for your successful project.

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Bootcamp IT development

Very often, product data is held, refined or exchanged in a wide variety of systems. With the Bootcamp IT Construction, we create the framework for a holistic view of the technical aspects of successful omnichannel commerce.

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Strategy consulting - the picture of your future

We take an intensive look at the strategic aspects during our strategic deep dives.

Omnichannel-Strategy / Customer Experience


Customers rightly expect a convincing "customer experience" in all their purchasing or shopping activities. Multiple touchpoints must be seamlessly connected. Does this present your organization with (too) great a challenge? It's high time to actively develop your omnichannel presence with the right strategy. We derive the general principles and building blocks of the appropriate omnichannel strategy from our customers' business model.

The channel mix varies depending on the business model, products, and target groups. The offers must be tailored to the respective touchpoint and the target groups, but flexible switching between the channels must always be seamless. Based on customer segmentation, specific customer journeys and personas, we formulate customer requirements and derive dedicated requirements for channels and product data.

PIM / MDM Strategy

Once it is clear which channels are to be operated in the omnichannel business, the requirements for the product data can be easily derived from this. Together with your teams, we derive the necessary initiatives:

  • products and services
  • processes and organization
  • information model

In addition to technological challenges in the context of complex omnichannel projects, digital transformation has a massive impact on business models, organizations and processes. 

As part of our completely neutral consulting, we put together service packages according to your individual needs. In this way, we support your realignment to a successful omnichannel business with agile methods and creative solution approaches.